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Wisconsin Rapids, WI

DJ on the Go uses professional grade equipment and cases.

Digital Sound Systems
DJ on the Go's professional set-up is equipped with the finest state-of-the-art digital sound system, which produces clear, concert quality sound at a
comfortable volume level. The equipment is carefully adjusted to the acoustics of your room and the speakers are strategically positioned so that your
guests can effortlessly socialize at surrounding tables.

Extensive Music Library
Your guests will come alive as they dance to the sounds of their favorite artists. Our Music Library is astonishing, featuring a variety of music such as
dance, alternative, rock, pop, oldies, disco, Mo-town, big band, jazz and much more!! Any requests by clients will be added to the music library.

The music play list for your event is completely customized by your requests given to us prior to the event. We can even incorporate guest requests
with your permission. Any DO NOT play requests are always honored.

Spectacular Light Show
DJ on the Go's services include a spectacular, eye-dazzling light show which will electrify your dance floor with an array of over a hundred beams that
rotate to the beat of the music. The light show is non-obtrusive and the beams of light are strategically positioned to remain on the dance floor and not
in the eyes of your guests. The use of lighting at your event is completely optional if desired, included at no additional charge.

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